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Will they save both worlds?

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Superheroes are not legends

We are always hearing stories about heroes, some human, some metahuman, and others, simply, come from a far away land...

Now, we will tell you the story of these last ones. They grow up under the banner of Honor, Bravery and Courage. They were always warrios,

but they never thought their destiny would be becoming Superheroes

Now you will know they story, their homes, their fears, the come from... Werthel…

Meet the Characters

lizy rogulick


The creator of the world of Werthel. Lizy Rogulick, knew how to combine this multimedia world, all its facets, since she wrote this amazing story, also worked in wardrobe and music production which you can enjoy her particular signature she is also a clothing designer and music composer. The magic that lives in every detail of Werthel its the very essense of the free spirit of the Author.

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